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Below you can find links to PDF copies of the student activity pages on John G. Neihardt:

Student Activity Pages 1

Student Activity Pages 2


Board Members

Dr. Jon Cerny, President

Paul Hammel, Vice-President

Jon Bailey, Secretary

Patty Wegner, Treasurer

Marianne Reynolds, Director

  • Tim Anderson
  • Gary Bowen
  • Dr. Michael Carroll
  • Walter M. Duda
  • Mike Fisk
  • Nancy Gillis
  • Joe Green
  • Mary M. Hines
  • Dr. David J. Hoelting
  • Coralie Hughes
  • Randy Lukasiewicz
  • Joy and Robin Neihardt
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Dr. Michael Oltrogge
  • Myron Pourier
  • Dr. Merlyn Vogt

Neihardt Journal

The first issue of the Neihardt Journal was published in November, 1999. In her Forward to the first issue, then Foundation Chairman Hilda Neihardt wrote, "Our Spring Conference has been enriched by many notable speakers. To preserve their valuable contributions and to make them available to people, the idea of their collection in a journal was born, and with this issue it becomes a reality."

The first issue featured presentation from the 1998 Spring Conference, which was on the theme "John Neihardt, the Writer." It featured articles by New York Times writer Tim Anderson, by Brian Holloway, professor of English at the College of West Virginia, and by former Neihardt Center Director, Dr. Lori Utecht.

The Journal is published annually and sent to members of the Neihardt Foundation as a part of member services.